05 May 2016

Continuous Lifecycle London Recap: Teams, not Tools

For anyone who is passionate about continuous delivery and DevOps, Continuous Lifecycle London is an awesome conference. Despite being sold-out, it was “just the right size” with everyone talking about their own experiences at breaks, and wonderful informative talks, including keynotes by Jez Humble and Katherine Daniels. I was honored to speak on “Effective Feature Flagging to Speed up and De-risk Development”. In my talk, I addressed how feature flags done effectively can help not only developers and operations, but an entire organization to better deliver customer value. Though sometimes maligned as “the worse kind of technical debt”, I also covered tips to make sure that feature flags serve an organization, not the other way around.

Quick summary of pitfalls to avoid when using feature flags:

  • Avoid ambiguously named flags
  • Document flag purposes
  • Remove flags when no longer needed
  • Control access to flags
  • Grant visibility to non-technical users
  • Log flag changes

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