30 May 2016

GlueCon 2016: Developer + Operations, Tools + Teams

GlueCon is a low-key, practitioner focused developer conference near Boulder, Colorado. Docker had been announced at a prior GlueCon, and so the conference has a well-deserved reputation as to where the next breakthrough will be announced. In a two-day conference with six tracks per day, you could “choose your own adventure” to learn about relevant tools for your domain of “Cloud, DevOps, Mobile, APIs, Big Data”, or get exposed to techniques outside your usual realm. I was amazed by how many people I thought I knew, then realized they looked familiar from their Twitter handle. However, if you’re looking for Dreamforce or the CES of Software, this is definitely NOT it – which I liked.

My favorite talk was Travis Vachon, Engineering Director of CircleCI on “DNA of Successful Development Teams”. The room was packed to the rafters, with people sitting on the side railings.  My main takeaway was

 Emmanuel Paraskakis, VP Product at Apiary.io talked about trying to get developers to write consistent APIs by providing them with a style guide full of “musts” and “should” for format. “No one read my 20-page style guide”. I think we’ve all been there. Continue reading “GlueCon 2016: Developer + Operations, Tools + Teams” »