15 Apr 2016

DevOps + Feature Flags + Microsoft Build = Magic!


When Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services approached us about being a DevOps partner and presenting at their DevOps Keynote, I had a fair amount of skepticism and doubt. Was this the right audience for us? We’re a San Francisco startup making a continuous delivery platform, not a C# vendor. However, what we do – reduce risk for software teams – is universally applicable to anyone who makes software, and the partnership was an opportunity to reach new audiences. I’m glad that we are now a Microsoft Partner and participated at Microsoft Build – and here’s why. Continue reading “DevOps + Feature Flags + Microsoft Build = Magic!” »

02 Sep 2015

Launched: .NET support

LaunchDarkly now supports .NET!

We’ve just released the first supported version of our .NET SDK. Like all our other SDKs (we support Ruby, Python, Node.js, Java, Go, and more), it’s open source— check out the code on GitHub. We’ve also published a brand new .NET reference guide to help you dig in and integrate LaunchDarkly into your .NET application today.

Happy launching!

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